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CE, ROHS and FCC Certified / Approved. 
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EGO CE5 E Cig Kit (Changeable head)
Including: x2 e cigarettes: x2 tanks, x2 batteries x1 Wall and USB Charger, Drip bottle, Carry Case, and Free 10ml Liquid
Price: 30,00 €
Genuine Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit
The Gamucci Micro Deluxe Starter Kit contains everything you need to make the switch to electronic smoking or "vaping". The kit includes 4 Regular strength original tobacco flavour cartomizers, and the batteries are pre-charged so you can start using it immediately. Contents: Box Contents: 2 Hi-Power Rechargeable Batteries, 1 USB Battery Charger, Mains Power, Adapter, Carry Case, 1 pack of Cartomizers + 1 free, User Manual.
Price: 35,00 €
CE5 Clearomiser (Changeable head)
The CE5 Clearomiser is an upgrade from the CE4 model. This type of clearomiser can be easily dismantled to be cleaned or to change faulty parts. Thus comes cheaper in the long run. Good Quality Guaranteed !
Price: 8,00 €
EGO CE5 Atomiser Coil Head
A faulty coil head can be removed and exchanged with a new CE5 Coil Head.
Price: 3,00 €
EGO Battery 650MAH
650MAH EGO Battery. Our batteries come in various colours and with a locking mechanism to avoid children messing with your e cigarette or to be sure your e cig is not accidentally switched on in your pocket or handbag.
Price: 9,00 €
EGO Necklace
Carry your EGO Cig with ease at work or leisure.
Price: 3,00 €
EGO Car Charger
Never get caught without charge in your battery, invest in one of these car chargers.
Price: 6,00 €
EGO USB Charger Black Wireless
USB Charger to fit your wall charger or car charger.
Price: 4,00 €
EGO Wall Charger
Charger for EGO type Kits.
Price: 4,00 €
Single EGO blister Pack
Including: x1 E cigarette (CE4 type) x1 USB Charger
Price: 17,00 €
EGO Case
EGO type carry case, fits 2 e cigarettes, chargers and liquid.
Price: 4,00 €
Genuine Gamucci USB Charger
This is an Original Gamucci USB Charger.
Price: 6,00 €
Genuine Gamucci Wall Charger
This is an original Gamucci wall charger.
Price: 10,00 €
Genuine Gamucci Carry Pouch
This is an Original Gamucci Carry Pouch.
Price: 2,00 €
Original Gamucci Battery
NEW Genuine Gamucci Deluxe Cartomiser Edition Battery. NEW AND IMPROVED BATTERY DESIGN – NOW FEATURING 240mAh BATTERIES (previous Micro models used 180mAh) MORE POWER = BATTERIES LAST FOR 375 PUFFS PER CHARGE
Price: 10,00 €

 Please Keep e liquid out of reach of children.

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